1. Develop a product idea.  Our customers truly inspire us and readily suggest product ideas frequently. The power of herbalism makes the product ideas a reality.  Our customers' needs are at the forefront of our mind whenever we are developing products.  We ask ourselves, "how can we make our customers' lives easier, simple and more holistic through enhancing their self-care routine?"
2. We start our extensive ingredient research.  How will we combine certain essential oils? Which moisturizing oils and botanicals will we choose to achieve the best possible result? This process sometimes takes several months for each product.  We do this via Michelle's herbalist education from Herbal Academy of New England.
3. We select the finest ingredients from certified fair-trade, all atural, cruelty-free, reputable and ethical sources.
4. We formulate and test the product.  We never offer a product to our customers that has not been tested.  Does the packaging hold up?  Does the product smell good?  Does the product look good? Does the product work wonders?  If we can not whole-heartedly answer 'yes' to all these questions, we continue to test the product until we can have full confidence in it.
5. We offer our product to the public and whip up orders as they come in.  We do not have a stockpile of ready-made products.  Every order is made fresh for a number of reasons:
- quality assurance
- fresh ingredients are used
- newest formulation is made
- integrity towards customers
- stays true to the expiration date
6. Ship orders out to our fantastic customers.  Our customers love the un-boxing experience.  We love providing it.
    COMING SOON - A video of our process!  You will meet us, Michelle and Derek, the owners, and watch us in action as we run Elixir Apothecary.